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8/2 Mount Street, Hunters Hill

Dear Matthew,

As settlement approaches, I would like to thank you for all your recent efforts on behalf of the Sawyer family.

My mother lived in the property for nearly 30 years and all three brothers knew we were offering something special. We wanted someone with whom we could trust to handle the sale, and trust you we could. With all three of us living out of Sydney, there were logistical issues preparing the property for sale, but with your assistance and your network of trades, this process was smooth and effective.

The marketing campaign certainly hit the spot and captured the unique elements of the property perfectly. The number of people through the door on the very first day was remarkable.  

Your advice was sound from the outset and your communication during the process was comprehensive. The auction played our almost exactly as you thought it would. Achieving more than $100,000 above the reserve on the day was excellent.

Thank you very much for everything. We appreciate your efforts and wish you well for the future.


Kevin Sawyer

23 Abigail Street, Hunters Hill

Dear Matthew and Claire,

Dad and I would like to thank you for the fantastic job you did on selling 23 Abigail Street. You were the first agents we spoke to and we knew from our first meeting with you that there was no need to look any further.

You met all our requests, offered useful advice and then guided us through the campaign with calm expertise, always with excellent communication, leaving us feeling at all times that we were one team.

But most of all we would like to thank you for realising the true value of the house and in doing so achieving the outstanding result, beyond our expectations.

It was a delight dealing with you both and we wish you all the very best for the future.

Kind Regards

John and Alan Finnan

23 Edmondson Street, North Ryde

Dear Matt and Claire,

 Thank you so much for your help in selling our North Ryde property last month. I think what made the real difference for us was the way in which you negotiated the final deal as we were getting down to the wire.

 I know that a number of our neighbours and friends were curious why we chose to go with an out-of-area agent and my gut feeling at the time was that in this day of internet alerts and universal access to information, any agent could run a basic advertising campaign and pull interested parties to the open houses. What was going to make the difference for us was what happened with the buyers once they’d seen – what we though, was a very special property in the area.

Dave and I appreciated the way you kept us updated with the status of the people who’d expressed interest in the property and the communication lines that you made available to each of the possible buyers. The decision to negotiate a deal the week prior to action, due to the miserable weather forecast for Auction Day was also something I would never have considered to be a factor in real estate strategy, but ended up being a critical element to our final result. And your skill in managing the final negotiations, without getting anyone offside, but securing for us a very good, almost record price for the area, was what really set Ward Partners apart from other agents.

 We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Ward Partners to anyone considering selling their property and would also make the strong point that having an out of area agent with strong negotiating skills, is a much more valuable asset than relying on local agents who only have experience in one small neighbourhood.

Thank you again,

Emma and David.

14/20 Joubert Street, Hunters Hill

Dear Matthew, Claire and the Team,

Emma and I would like to thank you for all of your hard work on the sale of our beloved apartment. This being our first home, the decision to move on was not one we took lightly and the thought of engaging an agent filled me with dread.

Meeting yourself and Claire was the turning point for us. The knowledge and love you both have for the area is obvious and your relaxed yet extremely thorough approach to the sale process put us at ease and gave us the confidence that we chose the right agent.
That confidence was justified again and again by the quality of the campaign and the level of service we received for the duration, and I knew that prospective buyers would be receiving that same thorough, quality service

Matt, Emma and I never expected an agent to work as hard as you have for us. We really felt that we were your top priority. Thank you for you guidance, your priceless advice both with the sale and our new purchase,  and the phenomenal result you achieved in such a short time frame.

All the best
John and Emma

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